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Do you want to write long tweets and get enough post engagement? Well, have you heard about “The Voice Tweets”? Twitter’s latest feature is allowing users to record and post audio messages up to 140 seconds in length. This new feature is revolutionizing how we communicate on Twitter and could be the key to boosting your engagement on the platform. In this article, we’ll discuss voice tweets, how they function, and how you can utilize them to attract customers.

What Are The Voice Tweets?

Twitter introduced The Voice Tweet feature in June 2020, allowing users to post up to 140 seconds long audio recordings. The feature is designed to make tweets more engaging, personal, and accessible, particularly for visually impaired users. The functionality is only accessible for iOS devices and is not yet available for Android users.

With the development of social media short-form video content, The Voice Tweets are an interesting alternative to video content, where users can express themselves without showing their faces. The Voice Tweet allows users to communicate and engage with their followers in a new and authentic way.

How to Use The Voice Tweets for Your Business?

Using The Voice Tweet can give businesses a competitive advantage in social media.

Here are some of the parts you can use The Voice Tweet to amplify your social media presence:

Communicate in Your Voice

One of the significant benefits of The Voice Tweets is that they allow users to communicate in their voice. Brands can leverage this feature to add a human touch to their social media presence. By speaking directly to their audience, businesses can create a more personal connection with their followers, building brand loyalty and trust.

Offer Exclusive Audio Content

The Voice Tweets can be an excellent platform to offer exclusive audio content to your followers. Businesses can use this feature to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of their operations, industry insights, or product updates. This exclusive content can keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Amplify Your Social Media Campaigns

The Voice Tweets feature can help amplify your social media campaigns. You can use this feature to announce a new product launch, share customer testimonials, or promote upcoming events. Adding audio to your social media campaigns can make them more impactful and memorable, leading to more engagement and shares.

Tips for Creating Effective Voice Tweets

Here are some tips for creating effective Voice Tweets:

  • Keep it short and sweet: Twitter limits voice tweets to 140 seconds, so it’s important to keep your message concise and to the point. Stick to one or two key points to ensure your message is clear.
  • Speak clearly: Unlike written tweets, voice tweets rely on your spoken words to convey your message. Speak clearly and enunciate your words to ensure your message is easily understood.
  • Use inflection: Voice tweets convey tone and emotion that may be lost in written tweets. Use your voice to add emphasis and convey the emotion behind your message.
  • Add context: It can be helpful to provide context for your message to help your followers understand the background and relevance of your message. Consider providing a brief introduction or explanation before diving into your main point.
  • Be authentic: Voice tweets allow you to showcase your personality and authenticity. Be yourself and speak from the heart to create a genuine connection with your followers.
  • Consider accessibility: Not all Twitter users can hear voice tweets, so it’s important to consider accessibility when using this feature. Consider providing a transcript or summary of your message for users unable to hear the audio.
  • Test before you tweet: Before sharing your voice tweet with your followers, listen to it to ensure it’s clear and easy to understand. Make any necessary edits or adjustments before hitting send.

Following these steps, you can create effective voice tweets that engage your followers and help you stand out on Twitter.


The Voice Tweets feature is an exciting new way to connect with your audience on Twitter. It offers businesses the opportunity to communicate in a more authentic, personal way, providing an alternative to video content. By leveraging this feature, businesses can amplify their social media presence and connect with their audience more meaningfully.

FAQs – The Voice Tweets

Can I use The Voice Tweet on Android devices?

Unfortunately, The Voice Tweet feature is only available on iOS devices. However, Twitter has announced that they are working to bring the feature to Android devices soon.

How do I access The Voice Tweet feature on Twitter?

To access The Voice Tweet feature, open the Twitter app on your iOS device, compose a new tweet, and look for the sound wave icon at the bottom left of the tweet composition box indicates the availability of The Voice Tweet feature.

Can I edit my Voice Tweets after posting them?

No, you cannot edit your Voice Tweets once you’ve posted them. However, you can delete them and re-record them if needed.

How can businesses leverage The Voice Tweets to reach a wider audience?

Businesses can leverage The Voice Tweets feature by promoting audio content on other social media and websites. They can also collaborate with influencers or other brands to increase their reach.


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