Cash App Borrow
Cash App Borrow

Cash App, known for its simplicity and convenience in peer-to-peer payments, has ventured into the realm of personal finance by offering a feature called Cash App Borrow. This feature allows users to borrow money from Cash App and repay it with a flexible repayment schedule. While it can be a handy tool for accessing quick funds, the question arises: Does using Cash App Borrow help build credit? In this blog post, we’ll explore the relationship between Cash App Borrow and credit building.

How Does Cash App Borrow Work?

Cash App Borrow offers eligible users a revolving line of credit that they can tap into for various financial needs. Users can request a loan, and if approved, the funds are deposited into their Cash App balance. The repayment terms are typically 4 weeks, but users have the flexibility to extend the repayment period by paying a minimum fee.

Credit Reporting and Cash App Borrow

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Cash App Borrow does not report user activity to credit bureaus. This means that using Cash App Borrow, whether for borrowing funds or repaying them, will not have a direct impact on your credit score or credit history.

Building Credit with Other Means

While Cash App Borrow itself may not contribute to building credit, there are other strategies and financial products that can help you establish or improve your credit score:

1. Credit Cards: Responsible use of credit cards, such as making on-time payments and maintaining a low credit utilization ratio, can positively impact your credit score.

2. Secured Credit Cards: If you have a limited or poor credit history, a secured credit card can be a valuable tool for building credit. These cards are backed by a security deposit.

3. Installment Loans: Installment loans, like auto loans or personal loans from traditional lenders, can contribute positively to your credit history when you make consistent, on-time payments.

4. Timely Bill Payments: Paying bills, including rent and utilities, on time can indirectly contribute to your creditworthiness, as some credit scoring models take these payments into account.

5. Monitoring Your Credit: Regularly monitoring your credit report allows you to identify and address any errors or discrepancies that may affect your credit score.


While Cash App Borrow can be a convenient financial tool for accessing short-term funds, it does not directly contribute to building or improving your credit score. If building credit is a goal, consider other financial products and strategies that are designed to help establish a positive credit history. Always use any credit product responsibly to avoid negative consequences and maintain your financial health. Additionally, keep in mind that financial products and features can change over time, so it’s a good practice to check with Cash App for the most current information regarding Cash App Borrow and its impact on credit. Read More Blog


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