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Where do business ideas come from?

Have you ever stopped to wonder where great business ideas come from? Sure, it might seem like there is some magical formula that entrepreneurs use to create products and services that people love – but the truth is much more practical. In this blog post, we will explore how even ordinary dog lovers can find inspiration for starting their businesses, no matter where they are. Whether you’re dreaming up an app idea or a new way of caring for animals, understanding these sources of creativity can make all the difference when launching a successful venture!

Numerous examples demonstrate that the majority of successful business owners developed their business ideas by engaging in one or more of the following activities:

They felt frustrated or recognized a challenge that needed to be overcome.

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 Former consumers or customers who felt the need to create a product for their use and likely for other customers who also wanted the products or services and were prepared to pay for them were successful entrepreneurs. As noted by BBC, a noteworthy example is an Easy Taxi, which Tallis Gomes founded to address the issue of scarce taxi availability. This issue inspired him and his team to develop the “Easy Taxi” mobile application. The Easy Taxi App allows consumers to book and follow their cabs in real-time on their smartphone devices.

A young inventor named Richard Turere from Kenya, East Africa developed a solar-powered device to deter lions and safeguard his family’s cattle from assaults. This is another wonderful tale that I recently came across.

There are numerous other instances of businesses that were born out of necessity. In his book Democratizing Innovation, Professor Eric von Hippel of the MIT Sloan School of Management writes, “Users may invent if and as they want something that is not available on the market and is able and ready to pay for its creation.” In other words, consumers (also known as users) innovate because they frequently need help finding the products they need on the market.

Enhance a current product

The most frequently used technique is this one. We know that there can be a huge variety of products on the market. But since we are consumers, we might only sometimes be content and tend to find something wrong with a service or a product. Probably-

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The features don’t appeal to you? The level of customer service is awful? Is the packaging inadequate? Do you dislike the way a product is designed? Would you like to see some extra features? If there were a less-priced version, wouldn’t everyone rush to buy it since it’s too pricey and unaffordable? Or if the restaurant right around the corner needs to have nice food or a pleasant atmosphere? Then you had an insight into yourself!

Draw inspiration from nature

An increasing number of prosperous firms have recently been created or enhanced due to natural inspiration. I once took a Biomimicry course, and that one experience completely altered my perspective on how to come up with company concepts and use design thinking. Being influenced by nature can help you create new goods or improve existing ones and employ examples from the heart to enhance organizational management. Depending on the industry you are in or the kind of goods or services you want to provide, you will learn under the influence of nature that there are thousands of business ideas just waiting to be found. There are several instances of how nature has influenced inventors.

My favorite example is the biomimicry-inspired reduction in noise produced by Japan’s Shinkansen trains, often known as high-speed bullet trains. This was accomplished by an engineer and a birdwatcher who were both inspired by the splashes of water entrance of kingfishers and the silent flight of owls. Now, to me, that is incredible!

The mushroom packaging invention by Ecovativedesign.com is one more example of how biomimicry and the zero-waste principle are used in real-world situations. There are many more outstanding instances of environmentally friendly design principles in nature. Check out this motivating presentation by Janine Benyus on sustainable advancements in biomimicry.

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Draw motivation from history

You may develop a solid company idea that will be successful in the present by taking a look at the past. This is typical in the clothing or fashion sector, particularly with vintage clothing. This method has been used by others in several industries, including beer manufacturing. The Wall Street Journal cites an instance of a brewery that creates various Ancient Ales motivated by archival and molecular findings.

Using clients as a source of inspiration

Customers are one of the most fantastic sources of ideas in my experience as an entrepreneur. They provided suggestions for the goods they wanted me to offer them. I’ve seen this strategy work with many others regardless of the business size. All you have to do is hear what your customer has to say. Customers can be useful in design thinking, particularly in larger organizations considering launching new products or services or enhancing their current ones. There are many ways to accomplish this. Either by getting in touch with them directly or by having them complete a survey or questionnaire.

Using imitation as a model for a successful business concept

We live in a “copycat” environment, where some people are skilled at turning their competitors’ unique ideas into marketable products and opening up lucrative economic prospects for themselves. One well-known example of modern technology is the tablet, a modified version of the Apple iPad. Competitors like Samsung and Lenovo quickly adopted the tablet concept when Apple developed it into a commercial product. Many additional rivals (latecomers) who also saw the lucrative possibility mimicked Apple’s actions to get a “slice of the cake.”

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Reverse engineering is used by many competitors (imitators) in the IT industry to learn how competitors create their new goods. In this manner, they can keep up with or even outperform them.

The German Samwer brothers, who have been successful serial entrepreneurs doing this for many years, are another extensively studied case study of enterprises developed by copying, as highlighted by Wired.co.uk. The fast fashion sector, which has many corporations that have successfully created multi-billion dollar businesses by copying trends from the most recent catwalk creations, is also not an exception.


There are numerous accounts of thriving “passion driven firms”. You’ve probably heard of successful businesspeople who pursued their passions and developed profitable large enterprises. Though not everyone concurs, I enjoy hearing such tales.

Despite disagreements over “following your passion,” one thing is certain: success is not determined by desire alone. If you take a deeper look at it, you might realize that to convert your passion into a successful company idea; you must find a matching set of skills.


If used effectively, brainstorming is a terrific way to generate new ideas for your company or to improve current goods or services. Even though many organizations use the brainstorming process, studies reveal that many do so incorrectly. The key is to determine the “best idea’s quality.” Check out Stanford’s brainstorming guidelines to get started if you want to host a productive brainstorming session. How to generate business ideas

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How to come up with a business idea

Developing an idea under pressure can also take a lot of work. It is crucial to ask a few questions while brainstorming to prompt and stimulate the brainstorming process.

Asking yourself questions such as “What do I enjoy?” or “Do I wish a product or service might be a little different?” or “What would make my life a little easier?” will help you come up with company ideas.

Recognizing what the client wants to see

Some concepts, however, can also grow naturally by gradually enhancing current goods and services. Understanding the features that customers would want to see in the upcoming product version is necessary for this.

Consider technological devices like your phone, which historically may have had several versions. Or the future PlayStation 5 is also an upgrade from a previous model.

market analysis

Another method of learning what consumers desire from a product or service is through market research. This can be costly and time-consuming, but it ensures that the concept being created has a market interest.

Because they are aware of market demands, these companies are sometimes called “market-oriented.” To ensure that they stock the clothes currently in style, clothing companies frequently strive to follow market trends.

Imitation While imitating an established competitor’s products may not seem like a good strategy to come up with a new business idea, many companies do so to create and sell their goods at a lower price.

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This gives them the ability to compete while also differentiating the goods.

Xiaomi previously created phones and other accessories that closely resembled iPhones but were made with less expensive parts. Their products typically sell for a small fraction of what Apple does.

individual preferences

Personal interests are an excellent place to start when coming up with company ideas because they are often founded on a passion and in-depth understanding of a certain commodity or service. As a result, it is possible to evaluate the idea’s viability more realistically.

As an illustration, consider Arthur Davidson and William Harvey. They developed the prosperous Harley-Davidson corporation after growing up as motorcycle enthusiasts.

Whatever form the concept takes, it must be able to either fill a market gap or spur demand among a new client base. The procedure calls for consideration, planning, investigation, and dedication.

Best Small Business Ideas for 2022

business ideas
  1. Online Coaching

If you are an expert in a particular field, offering online coaching services can be an excellent way to make money and help others simultaneously.

Social Media Management

As more businesses are looking to leverage the many benefits of social media, providing social media management services will be in high demand for years to come.

Drone Services

The use of drones for business purposes is growing in popularity, opening up many possibilities for businesses looking to provide drone services.

3D Printing

3D printing has become increasingly popular over the past few years and is set to continue to grow. Providing 3D printing services can be a great business idea for entrepreneurs.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has become an important tool for businesses, from marketing to product development. Those with experience in virtual reality will be able to capitalize on this trend and offer services such as creating experiences or developing applications for various platforms.

Smart Home Solutions

Smart home solutions, such as installing and integrating smart home devices, are an increasingly popular business opportunity. With the growing demand for smart homes, businesses offering smart home installation and customization services can reap the rewards of this trend.

Content Creation

Content creation continues to be an in-demand service, with businesses looking to create engaging content for their online presence. Content creators such as writers, bloggers, and videographers can easily find work in this field.


business ideas

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing concern for businesses, making it a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs with experience in the industry. Providing risk assessment and system protection services can help companies protect their data.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular and offer a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money from home. Setting up a subscription box service can easily be done with minimal investment, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on refining their product offerings and marketing strategy.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a valuable service that businesses are increasingly looking for. Those with experience in the industry can set up their data analysis firm and provide services such as predictive analytics, customer segmentation, and more to help companies make data-driven decisions.


business ideas

Creating a successful business idea can be challenging, but with the right research, creativity, and dedication, it is possible. Different methods such as brainstorming to generate ideas, market analysis to understand customer demand, imitation of established competitors, or leveraging personal interests can help you develop great business ideas. Use your passion and create the right business idea to make it profitable. By following these steps, you will be well on your way to creating a successful business idea that can bring success and growth to your organization. Good luck! More Blog And Follow YouTube Channel



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